About Us

About Aixtec Industry

Aixtec was founded by ATEX protection specialists who have worked in exposed sites around the world. We offer explosion proof and industrial safety equipment intended for harsh environments or at risk of explosion. The company offers a full range of electrical, electronic and mechanical equipment for onshore and offshore industrial facilities and maritime, road, and rail transportation infrastructure.It has been won over a large panel of French and international customers with its reliable products, tailor-made solutions, competitive prices and delivery times.

At Aixtec, we help you work safely and efficiently in the most challenging and dangerous environments in the world. Our equipment enables you to work in environments, conditions, temperatures and spaces where it would otherwise be impossible. You can achieve better results with less risk, and in fewer man-hours. Our promise to you is both safety and efficiency that translates into real, tangible business benefits.

Our Services

Our Customers

Aixtec customers are international, national and regional industrial companies from Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North Africa. They specialize in the oil and gas industry, the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, but also in the food sector, shipbuilding and the biofuels industry. Aixtec products are also used in distilleries, sewage treatment plants and water treatment plants. We offer responsive and experienced service in the provision of ATEX and IECEx and INMETRO certified equipment, providing significant time and cost saving to our clients global on onshore & offshore projects.