DB3B Sounders Range Up To 122dB

DB3B Sounders Range Up To 122dB

The DB3B is a high power explosionproof sounder, introduced as areplacement for the current DB3 withimproved functionality andperformance.Certified for use in a wide range oftemperatures from -55°C to +85°Cthe Ex enclosure is manufacturedfrom GRP with a ruggedthermoplastic flare providing acorrosion free and aestheticallypleasing product.Capable of producing 122dB @ 1m
and with a range of pre-recordedtones, the DB3B includes an integralvolume control which isideal when a lower output is required.The unit is provided with versatilecontrol options allowing compatibility with a wide range of control methods and PLCs. The standard DC unit provides 3 tone stages, each stage has 28 tones available which can be independently selected. The unit can be controlled by reversing the polarity of the power supply (2 stage) or providing a common negative and switching between multiple positive supplies.



Ex d / Ex de IIC/IIIC T4/T5/T6
ATEX certified
IECEx certified
UL certified for USA and Canada
Class I, Div 2, Groups A-D
Class I, Zone 1
Class II, Div 2, Groups F & G
Zone 21
Class III, Div. 1
TR CU certified
CCC certified
CCOE certified
Chinese Compulsory Certification
for Fire systems (CCCF) certified
INMETRO certified
SIL 1 certified
EN54-3 certified and LPCB
Certified temperature: –55°C to
85°C (model dependent)
IP66 & IP67/NEMA 4X & 6 (EN54-
3, IP33C)

Optional Ex e terminal chamber
Up to 122dB output @ 1m
Integral volume control
28 tones, user selectable
3 stage unit remotely switchable
Tones can be programmed to
customer’s specification
DC supply voltage between 12V
and 48V. EN54-3 between 11V and
57.6V absolute
End of line resistor option
Sounder & beacon combination
units available, for further details
contact MEDC
Ex enclosure – glass reinforced
Flare – high impact thermoplastic
Stainless steel mounting bracket
and cover screws
Mounting bracket has ratchet
facility as standard
Optional swivel bracket available