dSD Explosion-proof LED signal beacon

dSD Explosion-proof LED signal beacon

dSD LED signal beacons  Explosion-proof LED signal beacon
Certified for gas and dust hazardous areas of zone 1, 2, 21, 22
Flame-proof enclosure “d”
Terminal connection chamber “increased safety e”
Housing made of copper-free seawater-resistant aluminium, hardened glass lens
5 LED colours, very good signalling effect
All models with protection cage made of stainless steel





Type of mounting

Cable entry

Connection technology

Beacon type


Luminous intensity

Speed of rotation

Duty cycle

Operating temperature

Degree of protection


Insulation class


Ø 110 mm, seawater-resistant aluminium, surface paintedor powder-coated yellow/blue

tempered borosilicate glass,

Bracket for wall mounting, any

Cable gland M20 x 1.5, sealing plug M20 x 1.5

1.5 mm² fine wire and 2.5 mm² single wire

LED steady beacon, LED flashing beacon, LED strobe
beacon or LED all-round light

High Power LEDs

13–53 cd depending on colour

33/44 rpm switchable

100 %

-55 °C / +55 °C

IP66 & IP67

PTB 03 ATEX 1230


2 kg