Electronic Flow Switch With Display

Electronic Flow Switch With Display

The model FSD-4 electronic flow switch offers full flexibility in monitoring and controlling flow based on the velocities of liquid media. The switch points of the model FSD-4 can be freely configured very easily via the 3-button operation directly on the instrument or optionally via IO-Link. The model FSD-4 can output both absolute values in various units and relative flow values and display them on the digital indicator.


Flexibly configurable switching outputs
Depending on the configuration, the model FSD-4 has up to two switch points plus analogue output, which can be freely programmed. Since the switch determines its flow data using a calorimetric measurement principle, the second switching output can also be enabled for a temperature value, while the first outputs a switching signal using the flow value. The flow switch can thus additionally be used for simple temperaturecontrolled

Easy access via IO-Link version 1.1

The parameters are set either via 3-button operation on the instrument or, optionally, via IO-Link. When changing the instrument, the settings for the respective measuring location can be transferred directly to the new flow switch. This eliminates the need for any repeat parameterisation at the measuring location and reduces the necessary integration effort. With IO-Link, additional functions such as an operating hours counter or max value memory can be called up and used for condition monitoring.