XLF series XENON obstruction lighting fixtures

XLF series XENON obstruction lighting fixtures

XLF series Xenon obstruction lighting fixtures are ideal for chimneys, towers, smokestacks, bell towers, buildings, cranes, bridges, radio/television masts, cable car and power line pylons, wind turbines, radar and telecommunication antennas and specifically for use in the petrochemical and oil industries. Their small size, light weight, ease of installation and robustness mean that XLF series lights do not deteriorate over time especially with exposure in salty environments. They are also resistant to the wind and the deposit of industrial dusts thanks to the low profile and aerodynamic properties of the body.



Bolts and screws:




Low copper content aluminium alloy

Stainless steel

4 x 3/4” NPT threaded entries.

Polyester coating Ral 7035 (light grey)

Shock and temperature resistant borosilicate glass sealed with aluminium shade ring