Analogue GRP Explosion Proof Telephone

Analogue GRP Explosion Proof Telephone

Eaton’s FHF ExResistTel is designed for use in firedamp-endangered industrial areas specially for applications in the petrochemical industry, as well as offshore installations in hazardous areas.

The ExResistTel is resistant to high temperature differences, humidity, sea water, dust and extensive mechanical strain. It is certified for areas susceptible to explosive dust and gases. Made from GRP this Ex telephone is lightweight while durable requiring minimal maintenance.

It is equipped with a 21-key V4A stainless steel keypad that has been especially designed for use with gloves. A variety of colour housing options, accessories and components are available to enhance the telephone’s functionality. This product is flexible and is able to suit different needs.


1. Robust SMC 2600 glassfibre reinforced polyester die-cast body
2. IECEx certified, Type Ex e ib mb I IC T6 Gb.

3. Waterproof degree IP66, High temperature approval -30℃ to +70℃

4. Analogue telephone matching with most PABX, PBX and PAX system

5. Telephone line powered. No external power or battery required

6. LCD display include, SUS Metal keypad 24digit, Magnetic reed hook-switch

7. Busy tone detection for auto release the line if line busy, Auto answer auto release line.

8. Ring sound 95 dB dfd in 1 m and 10 ringing tone melodies selectable

9. Listening by loudspeaker: 70dB in 1m

10. Phone book memory: 50 address ( name & number) programmable

11. Full Soft lock: only dial out from phone book 50 memory address number

12. Half soft lock: limit to dial out starting number, e.g. “00852” area code

13. Dry contact for external control automation (Option)