Emergency Tunnel Call System

Emergency Tunnel Call System

ETCS is a cost effective system with the application of the advanced IP Audio TM technology for highway and
Tunnel. ETCS is typically connected to a control center and/ or emergency breakdown services. An auto-dial on
handset lift is often used to connect users directly to the remote control center for appropriate response in each
situation, or point to point communication by keypad for routine maintenance inspection staff.
ETCS system can support to make general or group paging via master console at control room, even very complex,
by combining the proper elements, such as extra siren / speaker or flash beacon.


Routine / Emergency Call
Communicate via Handset or Hands-free by different phone model, a mode of full-duplex.
A quick cal l to a target terminal by pick up handset (Hotline); Through numerical keys to randomly call any terminals.Group Call
The system automatically calls a group of terminals. If any of the terminal responses, the call to the rest will be terminated.

Conference Call, Auto / Manual Answer, Busy Line Transfer , No-Response Transfer and Time Period Transfer.
DND&Call forward state synchronization, Call Recording.

Zone Paging

To broadcast to certain / all of part of zones via IP network paging microphone.
To broadcast MP3 or WAV format pre-record alarm message to speakers which inside of tunnel.