HD 2000Urgence

HD 2000Urgence

The HD 2000 Urgence hot line telephones gives
instant access to 1, 2 or 3 preprogrammed
Fully line powered and using EEPROM memory
backup, those telephones guarantee to perform
well even after having been temporary
Access to reprogramming needs no case opening
for maintenance staff, however, in order to
enhance security, a locking device prevents from
unfortunate or hostile memory changes.
All units come with an anti-theft wall mount screw.
The ringer cannot be switched off and 2 blinking
leds help identifying the ringing telephone when
several are installed close to each other.
Protected by a PIN code access, field
programmable settings offer the choice of timed
conversation or call barring of selected digits when
Optional desk mount kit is available for versatile uses.


• 2 Leds flashing on incoming calls,

• Message waiting lamp,

• Ringer volume adjustment,

• Hearing aid compatible,

• Eeprom memory backup,

• 2 Ethernet ports 10/100Base T.